Fixing and flipping houses has become a popular real estate activity these days. It’s maybe because of the fact that this method is the most inexpensive way to enter the real estate industry so far. How to flip a house with no money? Some would say it’s simply finding a seller, fixing the property, finding a buyer before the renovation contract expires, closing the deal, and getting the after-sale difference.

how to flip a house with no money

But, it requires a lot of effort, though. If you want to learn more about how to flip a house with no money and how to start your own real estate business from scratch, visit Invest Four More.

Helpful and Practical Steps to Flipping a House

Technically speaking, house flipping is mainly a process of buying a house that requires some repairs and selling it at a more expensive price to a buyer occupant. But, can it be possible to flip a house without cash?

Yes. You read it right. The answer is yes. In fact, being a cashless real estate investor is just for starters. Once you can flip a house and save up cash and fix your credit, you can get on the track for more opportunities in the real estate industry. But before you can achieve what you have been dreaming of, you have to learn first-hand the real estate investment terms, as well as the various methods of flipping houses without your own money.

1 – Look for an affordable house that requires little repairs

Searching for a house on sale is the first step to start your flipping business. Most affordable houses are listed by sellers who are in a rush to sell the property. It may be rude to think, but some of these sellers need a fast cash to be used in a critical situation. Although there are a lot of reasons for the sale, houses sold at a cheaper price most likely need a lot of repairs. But that is exactly what you need. Just make sure that your calculations are rightly profit-wise and you secure the contract under the house.

2 – Search for an investor buyer

The second step is to find an investor who will be paying for the house. You need to get a contract between you and the investor and work out the deal between the seller and the investor. Make sure that the contract stipulates that the money will go through you once the renovation is completed and the sale is done.

3 – Consider using other people’s money

There are times when you need to consider a lending company to finance your start-up. However, if your investor is willing to spend for the renovation and sale of the property, that is a better option than getting money from creditors.

However, you must get a contract between you and the investor specifying how you are to divide the profit. If you have a total rehab cost of $200,000 and sold the house for $230,000, then the difference would be a great start for you and a good business for the investor.

Connecting with Real Estate Brokers

“What is a broker?” is probably one of the questions that will come up in the mind of someone who is new in the real estate industry. A real estate broker is defined as someone licensed to negotiate, arrange, and sometimes, sign contracts concerning the purchasing and selling of real estate properties.

Connecting with these people can take you one step ahead in your real estate venture. You can learn how to locate properties for sale, and how the real estate industry works in general. You can also be one of them by applying for a license.

Making Use of the Zillow Database

Zillow is an online platform dedicated to providing consumers with data, inspiration, and relevant knowledge about the real estate industry. It also generates revenue through real estate advertisements. You can find properties for sale and rent, real market values of properties, and other information in this site.

Data on this website came from different sources, which may be helpful for you when looking for a property to refurbish. If you want to ask, “how accurate is Zillow?”, well, it can be in some ways. It’s just that you need to explore Zillow and other ways to learn how to flip a house with no money and start your new career in real estate. See more at